Private Detective Agency in Delhi For Wide Range of Investigative Services

  • Pre Matrimonial Enquiry
  • Divorce Related / Post Marriage Investigation
  • Background Checks (Online Dating)
  • Adultery or Infidelity Investigations
  • Gay Spouse Investigation
  • Surveillance / Shadowing
  • Fact Finding
  • Corporate Investigation
  • And everything you want to be investigated

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Rising crime, growing mistrust: Need for private investigation services in Delhi & NCR

Delhi, the second wealthiest and populous city in India- along with the satellite townships of NOIDA and in Gurgaon- is fast becoming the crime capital of the country.

Civilian disputes and criminal cases continue to rise in Delhi & NCR, and with the collection and retention of evidence being slow and unreliable, private detective agencies like Veteran Investigation provide a valuable alternative. The investigation services provided by us have been both a deterrent as well as evidentiary in some cases.

People in Delhi don’t trust anybody easily. Most of them do their own personal investigation before getting friendly with unknown people. But, when it comes to serious matters, such as matrimonial alliance or divorce, business partnerships, a private detective and investigation agency is practical option. In fact, financial institutions, especially banks, hire private investigators to screen customers seeking loans. Even to track defaulters, these institutions take the help of detective agencies.

So, whether you are looking for a covert pre-matrimonial investigation of a prospective bride or groom, wish monitor a growing teenager, conduct a background check on a prospective employee or business partner, anywhere in Delhi, simply get in touch with us.

Depending on the nature of the investigation required, we will assign an appropriate private detective or investigation officer to handle your case. Expect the complete truth and nothing but the truth to be uncovered by our undercover detectives, even if the case take him or her anywhere in Delhi or beyond!

Why Veteran Investigation Services?

  • We know Delhi like the back of our palm: We know the length and breadth, every nook and corner of the NCR. Greater Kailash, Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk to Chankyapuri, Saket, Vasant Vihar-- you name it, and we have agents who can track any of these areas.
  • We have investigated 100s of cases since 1962: We are the leading personal investigation and detective agency in Delhi, having investigated several hundreds of cases of various types all across Delhi. Our expertise and experience in handling all kinds of cases is unrivalled.
  • Trusted name in private investigations: In our business, trust, integrity, reliability and professionalism are everything. We have earned this trust from corporate, individuals, celebrities, high net-worth individuals, government bodies, etc. all over Delhi and the NCR. Using only legitimate investigation techniques, we handle each assignment very discreetly, keeping client confidentiality and safety paramount. Professional and organised, our professionalism, honesty and cost-effective solutions have made us the undercover investigation agency of choice for our clients.
  • We give each case the same level of attention: No assignment is too big or too small for us. Yes, some corporate forensic investigations may be complex compared to, say, surveillance of a teenager. Durations of each may also vary --- however, each investigation is given the same attention to detail. We recognise that our detective work has huge implications to several lives, and we handle them with the sensitivity they deserve.

So, if you have an issue that requires covert investigation, would you opt for any investigation company? Or, would you rather trust the best private detective agency in Delhi to fulfill your requirements? Contact us today to discuss your requirements, if your answer is the latter!

Portfolio of Investigation Services

Our team of highly competent, experienced and duly accredited detectives and investigation officers, has professionally handled 100s of cases in and around Delhi. These include cases pertaining to:

  • Adultery or Infidelity Investigations
  • Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry (either or both parties in Delhi)
  • Loss and Theft Investigations
  • Divorce Related / Post Marriage Investigation
  • Missing Persons/ Locate Lost People
  • Tenant Screening: whether a prospective tenant is from Delhi or from anywhere else in India/ abroad
  • Fact Finding for diverse requirements
  • Record Search
  • Internet Cyber Bullying
  • Drug Abuse Investigations
  • Background Checks (Online Dating or Employment)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Online Defamation Investigation
  • Gay Spouse Investigation
  • Stalking and Harassment Investigations
  • Extortion or Exaction Investigations, etc.

If you have a case that doesn't fit in any of the above mentioned categories do not worry. Our competent detectives will be able to help solve your case.

Ready to hire a Delhi private detective? Get in touch with us now.

What Our Past Clients in Delhi Have Said:

As you can appreciate, many of our clients prefer to to keep their cases confidential--- it is the nature of our business where privacy, secrecy and confidentiality are important and strictly adhered to. Many of our clients have expressed their gratitude and happiness at the quality and professionalism of our investigation services. Unfortunately, we have had to change names in many cases to protect their personal identities. Nevertheless, given below is a list of what some of our clients from Delhi who used us for varied investigations have said.


  •  Thanks a lot for the report. This is really good news for me and our family. We are not into financial interests in marriage matters and expected a good girl from good family. Your report played a crucial role in my decision and fixing the girl. I will send you my wedding invite, please plan to attend.A pre matrimonial client from Chennai
  •  Thanks for all your help. It saved my daughters life from marrying a wrong individual. Thanks from bottom of my heart. Keep this good job. God bless you.A mother from Hyderabad
  •  It was a pleasure to associate and work with VIS. Their results were target specific and knowledge oriented which was well within our budget and as a team they were prompt and reliable. We were given a realistic approach to the issue and a plausible belief of the outcome with results to match the same.
    I would recommend their services to anyone in the future.A solicitor from Australia
  •  As you have been very compassionate towards my case and would definitely recommend your service to others.A post matrimonial NRI lady client from London